The Ramblings Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan


One of our least favourite countries – mainly due to the Vietnamese people. We were conned as soon as we crossed the border from Cambodia and that really set the tone. However, the food is good and Hoi An was definitely one of our highlights.

Hiking, Biking, Selling And Conning

After weeks of nice hot weather, we spend a few days in chilly North Vietnam.

And A Hue We Go

A stunning train journey to Hue to visit the old temples of former Kings is followed by a near-disastrous border crossing into Laos.

Shopping – I Mean Hoi An

Annika tries to hide her excitement at the prospect of handmade tailored clothes. And fails.

Dalat’s The Way To Do It

A day in the mountains, a few on the beach and some harrowing bus journeys culminate with arrival in Hoi An.

Monsters, Snakes And Conmen

An encounter with a poisonous snake was the least of our worries as we battled against the expert conmen of South Vietnam. And lost. It wasn't our first battle of the week, the traffic in Saigon proving more than a small challenge.