The Ramblings Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan


One of our favourite countries from our travels, we would love to get jobs in Buenos Aires and live there for a while. The steak and the wine is truly fantastic and I really liked the football, despite the plague of hooliganism they are suffering. A huge country with mammoth bus rides and so much to see, from waterfalls and lakes to mountains and penguins.

Wine, Women And Trains

More wine tasting in Cafayate - perhaps a little too much this time - and an amazing train ride up into the Andes from Salta. Our tour of Argentina finishes with a superb steak.


A trip to see the amazing falls at Iguazu provide the filling in an epic bus journey sandwich.

A Week In Buenos Aires

We were treated to a variety of different experiences in Buenos Aires including drumming, tango, football and shopping.

Lakes, Penguins And Luxury

Some badly needed R&R in a superb apartment of our own in Bariloche along with visits to stunning lakes and glaciers. Followed by a day or two visiting penguins and armadillos in Puerto Madryn.

Wine And Near Death Experiences

After a day of wine tasting and cycling, we experience something a little more terrifying - paragliding. Then it's off to Junin de los Andes for some off road cycling and some stunning views.