The Ramblings Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan


I started documenting my travels when we arrived in Bangkok at the start of a 7 month trip around the world in 2009/10. Writing the posts really kept me busy during the down times, like the long bus rides but more than that, I thoroughly enjoyed writing them.

Now, years after the trip, I am so glad I have documentary evidence of all of the places we visited, things we saw and experiences we had. Sometimes I read some of them back and there are still parts that I realise I’d have forgotten had I not written about them.

So this is a reminder of the route we took, featuring all of my blog posts from that amazing time.

    There is at least one post per country so I’ve separated them up into countries for easier navigation. Click to see the posts from that country.

    Nowadays, I sometimes write the odd thing when we go somewhere – if I think there’s enough interesting material to warrant it. So here are the other countries we’ve been to that I’ve written about.