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Train from Trang


You see how Simon gets to do all the glamorous locations? (This is my ( Annika) first post – very exciting eh?) Well I am fighting back with a quick update from Trang. Oh Trang, the place the guidebook describes as a “transport hub” with a market, what can i say to fully convey the look and feel of this place so that you at home can almost experience this place with us as I know you would want to?!

Trang, a mere 2 hours from Pak Bara in an airconditioned mini van, rendering Simon almost immobile after disembarkation and subject to yet another physical woe, this time a hurty neck, is indeed just what it says on the tin. The hotel we checked into last night were so pleased to see us and the guy personalised a map of Trang so we wouldn’t miss out on the highlights – a concrete clock tower, the train station, bus station, some bookshops with some unusual titles in Engrish, but I’m being mean really. Come 6pm and there is a  fab night food market which we spent a good 2 hours in checking out food which we had no idea what it was! Delights included barbecued pork, some kind of wonton thing – fried of course, some pork scratchings, summer rolls and then i kind of went a bit crazy and started buying anything that looked vaguely interesting! I reckon we must have spent at least a full 3 of your English pounds on delicious food – brilliant! We polished this off with 3 bottles of Singha beer (between us, mind) and now both have mild hangovers!

But nothing that a 7 hour train journey to Chumphon, again described as a transport hub, in about 30 mins. And from there folks we go to Ko Tao to stay for a week over Christmas for basically doing very little – am planning on working my way through “War and Peace” – if for no other reason than I am getting tired of carting the bloody brick-like book around.

No doubt Simon will post from the beach at Ko Tao. I shall be focusing on providing an overview of the somewhat less picturesque but quite honestly no less enjoyable destinations that we stumble across.

Right, time to get that train, which often turns up early believe it or not and from what we see on the news something that is not happening in snowy UK (I had to get that in ).


  1. You just had to get that dig in didn’t you, here in High Wycombe we have had about 6 inches of snow and as usual our garden looks wonderful. Not so the road out to civilisation. I shall have to tackle it soon otherwise no food for Christmas. David has wobbled his way to the papershop a few times but I have never been good on dogdy ground. Love Mum

  2. From a geeky perspective, v impressed with the blog site but can I suggest a trip trail so we know where you are going (on second thoughts, that would remove the element of the unexpected wouldn’t it but on the other hand we would all know when you got on the wrong plane). I see you managed to minimise contact with those other English travellers, very wise, especially as Julia has just arrived in the office and is not her normal beaming self.

    Save yourself the trouble with the book. Skip to the last chapter.

  3. Hello!! Well, now that I’m sat back in the office I’m not overly happy! It’s bloody freezing here in comparison with the weather in Thailand! Hope you’re having a fantastic time still and looking forward to your luxury in Ko Tao for Christmas. Don’t drink too many Singha’s ;o) Miss you at work McKee. xx

  4. OK, so your blog around the world gets more comments than therealfacup! Something is wrong here. Although, to be fair, you have put more content up than therealfacup has recently. NO INTERVIEWS AGAIN. We did get a few RTs for this missive on Twitter though.

    “Dear The Newspapers & Other Assorted Media. Football did not start in 1992.”

    Sorry Annika, hope you’re having a nice time away from FOOTBALL. Very nearly 2 months until we see you in NZ, Adele has booked the Utes and a BBQ, we are going to be hippies for three weeks.

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