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New Zealand

Easily the most visually stunning country I’ve ever been to, we really ought to have spent more time here. It wasn’t the cheapest place, given our tight budget, but around every corner is another spectacular view of amazingness. One of my posts here was called “The Island Of Superlatives” which sums it up pretty well.

Racists, Booze And Thermal Baths

A few more days in New Zealand - this time on the North Island - and we're off to Santiago.

The Island Of Superlatives

The most visually stunning place we have ever been to. New Zealand's South Island provides views and scenery to astound.

Lost Bags, Earthquakes And Tsunamis

Our arrival in New Zealand was slightly ruined by the fact that the airline lost our bags and an earthquake in our next destination may force us to change our plans. But that doesn't stop this part of the trip getting off to a superb start.