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It may be time for a change at the top

I am not the greatest fan of the media – they tend to over-exaggerate anything that happens in the game, whether it be good or bad. When the reaction to William Gallas’ behaviour at the end of that horrible day back in February was totally over the top in berating him and telling the world that it was not the behaviour of a captain, I disagreed.

The media love to make a meal of these things and, as far as I was concerned, it was an understandable reaction to seeing one of his team mates have his leg brutally snapped in half by a dreadful assault by Martin Taylor.

Since then, my respect for Gallas has gradually ebbed away as he displayed a distinct lack of captaincy in a side which badly needed some leadership. I’ve never really had that many complaints about his ability as a player but at times he has looked uninterested in encouraging his team and trying to pick players up when they are down.

When he made his comments on Thursday, it seems that both Arsene Wenger and I reached breaking point with him at the same time. All credit to Arsene Wenger for getting rid of Gallas (if indeed he has captained the side for the last time) – in my opinion, we will never achieve anything with such an unprofessional man in charge of affairs on the pitch.

However, there the plaudits for Wenger end for me.

Today was one of the most predictably awful performances I have ever heard and, in the absence of a captain on the day, it was down to Wenger to inspire the team to win a tough game at Manchester City. He did nothing of the sort. We hardly managed a shot on goal, much like last week’s pathetic effort and the overall performance sounded very similar to the Villa game.

I have a horrible feeling that this might be the beginning of the end for Wenger. The choice of William Gallas as captain may turn out to indicate that, after many years of superb management of Arsenal Football Club he has lost touch with the modern game and has not got what it takes to build a side which can challenge in the Premier League any more.

When George Graham was sacked by the club in ’95, it was ostensibly because of the ‘bung’ scandal that had blighted him in the previous months – but, once the dust had settled, it became clear that he had had his time at the top and could no longer cut it at that level. No-one thought it at the time but, despite the dreadful 2 or 3 years that followed, it was the best decision the club could have made to let him go.

I am still not 100% convinced that Arsene Wenger is in the same position but the problem is, the side he has created over the last 4 years or so is a long way short of the quality and dominance required to win trophies in this country at the moment and Arsene shows little or no sign of managing to turn things around at the moment.

In the short term, we simply have to win on Tuesday night and qualify for the knockout stage of the Champions League. Whatever needs to be done to do that has got to be done – even if that means reinstating the petulant idiot Gallas. After that and the Chelsea game next week, who knows?

I just hope that William Gallas doesn’t turn out to be Arsene Wenger’s Chris Kiwomya.

  1. Clearly we are “singing from the same hymnsheet” but I think it’s also a good time to have a look at the last 3 years post Highbury.It seems to me that despite last season’s ,what now appears to have been ,massive overachievement this only paperd over the fast appearing cracks.I think Wenger has made rather too many mistakes in personnel since we arrived at The Emirates.For some reason he decided to make no attempt to keep the players that were crucial to the well being of the team and just to make thiungs worse they were not even replaced by anyone even remotely of the same standard.Now I read that he doesn’t believe a captain is of any importance and this tells me he is clearly living in a dream world.Under Wenger we were at our best when we combined great skill with the necessary hardness and spirit required to win things at any level in any sport.In other words we were much more successful when we has our ,so called,poor disiplinary record,than we are now at the top of the “fair play league”.In Wenger’s perfect football world everyone has a team of small skillfull passing players and the team with the best passing skills wins the day.Well I for one would never enjoy that sort of football and see no reason why one can’t have a hard tackling feisty team playing a lovely passing game as “The invincibles” and the early Wenger teams proved.
    Basically you cannot show your ball skills unless you actually have the ball and someone or two has to provide the physical skills,and these are skills to achieve this.I do feel at the moment that when we left Highbury we also left behind the heart and soul of Arsenal Football Club as we knew it and when,no doubt,some billionaire buys the club the final nail will be placed in the coffin.Whilst I will always be a committed Arsenal supporte win or lose(as I was for the first 15 years of supporting a club that won nothing nor ever threatened to win anything)I do wonder if I am supporting the same type of club with all it’s great priciples that existed until Highbury was no more.I genuinely hope the future will be bright and the clouds of pessimism was pass away but only time will tell.

  2. Hahaha, Chris Kiwomya! £1.5mill, 3 goals. Mind you I suppose he actually only started 5 or 6 games.

    It crossed my mind the other day that Wenger may have finally lost it but then I thought, well, perhaps he lost it 2 years ago? That’s when he seemed to get super stubborn about spending money and buying Afro-Gallic children. That’s when he took to new heights the arrogance of him knowing best, letting important players go seemingly just before thy’re past it. That said, this may well just be a blip down to injuries but it’s becomeing quite a big blip. I wonder if he might do as well bringing on a few more of the Carling Cup team who are high on confidence.

    Like you say about Graham, I wonder if perhaps it might have been wise to let Wnger slip away a couple of years ago. Mind you, comparing Wenger to Graham is a bit like comparing Dr Spock to Dr Shipman, you know, they are both football managers but Wenger never killed anyone.

    Of course, however, it would be very easy just to blame Ashley Cole. I would.

    Southend tix are £15!!! Scandalous! 11am train I reckon, I am very much up for a few beers and learning some Southend songs, we may be following them for a round or two.

    Not sure if we can get the Fenchurch train out and the Liv St back, would be easier.

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