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Bye bye, Eboue

After his latest embarrassment on the football pitch yesterday afternoon, are there any Arsenal fans remaining with any sympathy whatsoever for Emmanuel Eboue?

I don’t care that he’s apparently a sensitive soul. I don’t care that he was upset by being booed. I don’t care that he’s a god-fearing, Christian man who loves his children. He’s not good enough to be an Arsenal player.

At times yesterday he looked almost passable as a football player! There is no doubt whatsoever that referee Mike Dean made a very bad mistake when disallowing his goal midway through the first half. He hardly touched Woodgate, who fell down because of the players at his feet rather than any physical contact from our goalscorer but Mr. Dean is a wonderful example of a “homer” referee, the likes of which are never seen around N5.

When Eboue was shown his 2nd yellow card, most Arsenal supporters in the pub I was in were aghast – no-one could believe that he had done anything to deserve to be sent off and I think most people were ready to direct more anger at the referee. Until, after what seemed like an age, Sky managed to get round to showing the incident which led up to it – at which point the shred of sympathy that we all had for the man evaporated and was replaced by the usual disillusioned faces and various expletives being used to describe Eboue’s behaviour.

As I’ve said all along, when we booed him during the Wigan game, it was for one reason and one reason alone – he’s not good enough and he shouldn’t be in our squad any more.

Get rid of him, Arsene.

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  1. Every team that is perceived to be underachieving has a scapegoat. Is Eboue the right goat? As you’ve mentioned a few times, Arsene appears to have lost the plot. Is he too lofty to be the goat? Has the signing of Arse Shaving bought the Frenchman some time? Has that deflected attention back to Eboue? Is he really that bad? Is it just that he embodies a misfiring team? A team that is picked by the manager? The manger who hasn’t won anything for how many years? A manager who is essentially God. Are the Arsenal’s fans frustration with Wenger manifesting themselves as attacks on Eboue? You’ve touched on it a few times, perhaps it’s the manager who should be the scapegoat?

    Also, from an outsider, the one man who seems to be consistently letting the side down lately would appear to be Adebayor. Since getting sent off he appears to have done almost nothing in an Arsenal shirt. Again, he has previous good form so has some leeway. Bendtner is, frankly, only a decent Championship striker, and seems a decent candidate as well, although features a lot less than either Eboue or Adebayor.

    It’s a toughy this, from an outsider the treatment of Eboue seems to be nothing short of a joke but then we all have a scapegoat. Tommy Miller is my usual scapegoat for Ipswich, probably seems quite innocuous to outsiders but he does disappear for years during games. Jamie Clapham was a regular scapegoat a few years ago but when we got relegated he immediately got purchased by a Premier League club, what do us fans know?

    That said, Eboue clearly is not an Arsenal tyoe of player and Wenger seems to play him just to prove a point. This is failing. I think you’re right, perhaps it’s time for Wenger to move along. The trouble is, who’s to say a replacement will be any better?

    Incidentally, I recommend a read of Gavin Strachan’s BBC blog from a few weeks ago about the effect fans/public managerial criticism has on fragile players. It’s quite intereting if you haven;t already read it.

    Eboue OUT!

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