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Alone And Sunburnt

Is the fact that I am able to write this blog entry whilst sitting under a coconut tree on the beach a good thing or a bad thing?

It seems quite strange, browsing the web in such circumstances and Annika is convinced that it’s a sad state of affairs but you, dear readers, are the lucky beneficiaries of this age of technology so I will allow you to be the judges.

We arrived at our hotel in Ban Krut on Friday night, just in time for dinner and a beer outside our little cottage, yards from the beach. After breakfast the next morning, we made our way down to the sea to find the place almost completely deserted. Grabbing a deckchair each, we began to wonder where everyone was – we’d read that this area of Southern Thailand was quiet during the week but this was Saturday and we were expecting hordes of locals to be fighting for space and shade but there is no-one. Despite a 15 minute wander down the beach, all that was to be found was another two virtually empty resorts, and a strange feeling that this place had been abandoned. And yet the only rational explanation is that the owners of these places are expecting many guests and yet, for some unfathomable reason, precious few have arrived. It is truly superb to have the place to ourselves but there is an odd atmosphere about it.

Annika has used the privacy and isolation to start doing her callasthetics on the beach (no photos allowed, apparently) and we both listened to a podcast about the philosophy of something called the yuk reaction.

In order to preserve the universal truth that the British are really not very good at sun bathing, however, we both managed to get quite burnt after only an hour in the sun so that was nice.

Still, the usual mix of gorgeous food and insanely nice people prevails and I shall definitely recommend this part of the world to anyone who likes peace and quiet and stunning beaches.

This evening, we embark on our first overnight train journey – to Hat Yai, further South – in a sleeper carriage. For my part, I will be trying to find the BBC World Service as our game away at Liverpool kicks off at 11pm (bluddy Sky TV and their crazy kick off times!) but I don’t expect to hear any of it so will probably not know the score for a day or two. This will be the first Premier League game I will have missed since being here – there will be many more so I must get used to it.

Once we get to Hat Yai in the morning, it will be a bus straight to Pak Bara where we will stay for a night before heading off to the island of Koh Lipe on Tuesday for 3 days and, inevitably, yet more beaches, sea and great Thai food.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

  1. Keep on writing. Loving it very much and extremely jealous. It may reach 5 degrees here today. “Which winter sport…?” and all that.

    Nothing to report since last seeing you although very sorry Annika for not actually saying goodbye to you at your leaving do. Or perhaps I did and I was too drunk to remember….

    Right, got to get back to work (look it up in a dictionary if you’ve forgotten already).

    Sair xxxxx
    (Harwood by the way – using my M15 spy name these days as an email address – well, that’s what I like to call it as it’s so much more exciting than “married name”)

  2. As I sit here having just arrived home from work on a bloody cold day I am not at all envious of you just extremely jealous.At least I have only 3 more working days left to my retirement.We had our Xmas do last Friday which was THE WORST Xmas do of my whole working life so definately no regrets at leaving.
    I guess you will by now have heard the weekends results.Probably the best gooner weekend ever topped off by our rather surprising win at Anfield.At half time I’d have been happy with a 1-0 defeat but,apparently,Wenger went mad at them and told them they were not fit to wear the shirt and,incredibly they took notice of him and were revitalised.As soon as we took the lead Liverpool just seemed to give up.So for the moment the title race is back on for us until tomorrow night at least.
    Will keep you posted whether you like it or not.
    Annika I’m sorry this is yet another football blog but you must know me by now.However for your benefit Chris Hollins and Ricky Whittle will fight it out in the final of Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday and I’ll keep you posted on that as well!!!!

  3. You know how dangerous it is to sit under coconut trees! 150 ppl a year killed according to an unsubstantiated story on the Internet (turns out 9/11 was an inside job as well so there you go).

    How are you trying to receive the World Service BTW? SW? Or trying to get a local rebroadcast?

    I know the football results BTW but if you are reading this I’m sure you do as well 🙂

  4. Hi Simon

    Have just started catching up on your blog as I was away in the sun for 5 weeks myself. Stephen Milne and I were both gossiping about how you *can* write at lunch in the canteen last week. (Bet you miss it.)
    Looking forward to catching up on a your posts.

    It has just started snowing outside…

    Please keep on writing and look after yourselves!

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