The Ramblings Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan


The Beginning Of The End?

My Dad and I won't be at the game on Sunday.

Change Something, Arsenal. Please.

I typed this blog by hitting the keys so hard on the keyboard that my girlfriend complained about the noise of it from downstairs.

Playing Football – The Arsène Way

Daddy Barnett gets in on the Arsène-bashing.


I Mentioned It Once – But I Think I Got Away With It

A weekend in Berlin for my birthday, featuring far too many references to Hitler, the Nazis and the war.

Marinated Crab Cramps

A few days of respite from the heat up in the mountains of Boquete are followed by a few days in Bocas del Toro where we meet some fantastic people and learn some interesting Spanish phrases.

Happy Children, Terrifying Boats And Fawlty Towers

A visit to the local village on the San Blas islands turns out to be surprisingly good. Then we travelled to Pedasi where I am forced to endure the most frightening boat trip of my life before moving on to a hotel run by an insane French woman on Boca Chica.